Literacy Links F


SKU/ISBN: 978-1-897529-52-2

Technology-linked, integrated spelling units for grades 7 students.

Teach spelling that is theme-based, pattern-based, and strategy-based using these systematic, layered units that easily integrate with reading, process writing, media literacy, and technology.


  • motivating reading selections feature a crew of dynamic characters living marvellous adventures
  • thematic and pattern-based reading and spelling words are learned in the context of the selections and illustrations
  • short reading response activities advance the understanding of the selection
  • a balanced variety of strategies are used to explore word meanings and patterns to build ever-expanding reading and writing vocabularies
  • motivating journal writing prompts encourage the students to use their new vocabulary meaningfully in their writing
  • motivating Tech Link activities immerse students in a rich variety of computer and whiteboard activities
  • a process writing lesson linked to the unit theme completes each unit
  • 96 pages

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Free Grade 6 Word Study Lesson - An Attack on the Senses