Ontario Reading 6 - 2nd Edition


SKU/ISBN: 978-1-5250-0053-9

Layered, Ontario curriculum grade 6 reading lessons integrated with technology, social studies, writing, and media literacy.

Ensure every Ontario reading expectation is taught by using these integrated reading lessons proven to improve EQAO scores. These lessons save valuable lesson preparation time, keep student work organized, and streamline assessment and record keeping.

Now with THPlinks from THPlink.TV!

THPlink.TVTHPlinks easily and safely integrate this student book with technology and media studies. THPlink.TV is a safe, multi-media streaming website we’ve created to enhance the units in the book. Don’t worry, we’ve kept it very simple: there is no added cost and no login information required. Simply type THPlink.TV into any web browser, then enter the THPlink Number from the book. That’s it -- fast and easy! For more convenient access, scan the QR code in the book with any smart phone or tablet to instantly open the correct THPlink (students really enjoy getting to use technology this way). Once there, the student can follow along at their own pace. They can pause, rewind, and replay as often as they like. They can even connect from home – a great way to get a parent involved! We realize not every classroom has an Internet connection, so we’ve included an alternate version of each multi-media presentation that can be downloaded off-site, then brought into a non-connected classroom. We’ve also added activities to each THPlink to extend the student’s online learning.
The student book, enhanced by the THPlinks, can significantly deepen student understanding. Possible instructional strategies include:
  • Students listen to and view the video link independently or on the white board, then read the selection in their personal student book.
  • Students listen to the video presentation and follow along by reading the text in the personal student book.
  • Once the inquiry-based response activities are completed, students listen to, and view the video link a second time to check or enhance their responses.
THPlink.TV is a fun, safe, and easy way to integrate technology and media studies into your inquiry-based literacy program for free!
Explore the THPlinks in this book by clicking on the following links:


  • includes engaging technology links to Internet activities and in some cases videos featuring a dramatized reading of the selection
  • contains all-Canadian selections that are grade-appropriate, fun, and engaging for boys as well as girls
  • presents a balance of graphic, informational, and literary units
  • appropriate for individual, shared, paired, and guided reading
  • rich, EQAO-like short answer and multiple-choice response activities follow each selection to involve students in meaningful interactions with the text
  • 96 pages