A Teacher's Self-assessment Questionnaire of the Writing Program

Have I taught the children the stages in the writing process?

  • pre-writing, composing, revising, editing, sharing, and publishing

Do I encourage pre-writing activities?

Do I help the students understand the purpose of each stage in the process?

Do I avoid evaluating first drafts for handwriting, spelling, and usage

Do I teach the students to take responsibility for their writing?

Do I conference with students in writing groups

    • select writing topics
    • make decision about possible changes
    • share in publishing and sharing decisions
    • take part in evaluation of their writing
    • maintain and use their writing folders

    Do I conduct effective writing conferences?

      • Content questions: Do they help focus, clarify and extend ideas; encourage the student to suggest possible additions and changes?
      • Organization questions: Do they help the student select a format, help organize ideas?
      • Style questions: Do they help the student think about word choice, effectiveness or the opening?
      • Editing questions: Do they help the student check spelling, punctuation, and handwriting?
      • Am I a good listener?
      • Do I ask questions for clarification?
      • Do I focus on ideas first?
      • Do I ask questions to elicit expansion of ideas?

      Do I teach revision strategies such as:

        • inserting and deleting words, sentences, paragraphs
        • crossing out
        • using arrows
        • asking for help
        • cut-and-paste
        • trying the writing out with peers
        • putting the writing away for awhile
        • making an audio recording then listening for consistency

        Do I encourage a broad range of writing by having students write in different modes?

          • narrative
          • informational
          • poetic

          Do I teach spelling in a holistic manner?

            • help students see spelling patterns in their writing
            • have dictionaries available
            • teach spelling at different stages of the writing process

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              November 13, 2015 by Patrick Lashmar
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