OSSLT Workbook Answer Key with Exemplars


SKU/ISBN: 978-1-897529-57-7

OSSLT preparation for Ontario students - teacher answer key with exemplars.

These reading and writing lessons mirror all of the components on the OSSLT and have helped over 318 000 Ontario students to build the skills and confidence needed to successfully pass the test.
  • this full-colour book presents a comprehensive series of reading and writing lessons that mirror all of the components of the OSSLT
  • this newly updated third edition contains important new content and mirrors the actual test much more closely
  • reading selections challenge students to respond to numerous informational, real-life narrative, graphical, and news report texts
  • writing lessons guide students through the process of writing news reports, series of paragraphs expressing an opinion, short writing tasks, grammar, and punctuation
  • the multiple-choice and open response questions that accompany each lesson mirror the OSSLT questions
  • all expectations are tied directly to the Ontario curriculum
  • 108 pages