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Being an educator is tough. Your days don’t start in the classroom, and they certainly don’t end there. Hours can be long due to the large amount of planning that is required. Not only that, but the planning needs to be specific to the curriculum, which can make the task significantly more time-consuming. Student books are an excellent way to provide your students with optimal education and learning opportunities that also don’t require an unrealistic amount of planning for the teacher. With the quality education books available on Treehouse Press, educators can invest more of their time and energy into their students and teaching. That’s just one of the amazing benefits of student books in the classroom, with many more to follow once they are implemented into your lesson plan.

 student books, resources for teachers, resources for teachers in Ontario, education books, ontario students, osslt workbook, core curriculum student books

Better Organization for both Students and Teachers

One of the biggest struggles being a teacher is the massive amount of loose papers that come with each assignment. This is also a challenge for many students, as loose
papers can quickly become misplaced, which results in the assignment not being completed. With student books, each member of the class works directly in the book. When the tasks are completed, the book then gets handed to the teacher for marking. This is exceptionally beneficial for both students and teachers. Students are able to keep all of their assignments in one book, making it easy for them to reference back to for studying purposes. Teachers can quickly go through the marking and hand the education books back to their students, allowing them to spend more time actually interacting and teaching the class. Additionally, teaching students about the importance of proper organization can be a difficult life lesson to provide, but it’s certainly easier when the students can see the value of organization.  


Less Planning without Sacrificing Quality of Education

As an educator, you may believe that less planning results in a lower quality of education. This may have been true before the Tree House Press education books, as tedious curriculum planning was the only way to provide optimal learning student books, resources for teachers, resources for teachers in Ontario, education books, ontario students, osslt workbook, core curriculum student booksopportunities for your students. However, the Tree House Press student books follow the educational standards and are curriculum aligned. So, a lot of planning has already been done for you and is provided in every student book. Furthermore, the student books are interconnected. The math subjects connect with the reading, which connects with the writing education books and so on and so forth. So, not only can you dedicate more time into actually teaching, but also, the student books are easy for the students to follow and understand throughout all subjects.


Engaging and Interactive for the Students

There’s this common belief that teachers dislike worksheets as much as the students do. So, it’s important to recognize that student books are not worksheets. While they are very similar in nature, the connected storyline between each book makes them more enjoyable for the students. The topics relate to one another, so instead of handing a random worksheet to your students, they are able to connect the writing task with the math, reading, etc. tasks as well. This makes the subject matter not only more enjoyable, but also engages the students into the content they’re studying. It also opens up room for discussion throughout your other lesson plans.


Teaching is definitely one of the hardest professions out there. The students are the future, and providing them with optimal learning opportunities is imperative. However, the extremely long hours required of a teacher can actually cause a decrease in the quality of education provided. Student books allow teachers to follow curriculum standards, so they can invest their time more fully into their classroom. Browse the quality collection of education books on Tree House Press, and take your teaching to the next level.

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