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When searching for student books online, it is always recommended to review the authors and the experience and skill set they bring to the books they write. By doing so, you will be able to get a better understanding of just how valuable the education books are. We want to provide you with an inside look at the writers of our student books, all of which are Ontario teachers, and who better to start with than the prestigious, educated Tree House Press CEO and author, Patrick Lashmar. 

With a quick look at the Tree House Press online shop, you’ll see that Patrick Lashmar is one of the more prominent authors of our education books. Shop his collection of student books today. 


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What is your career background?

Patrick Lashmar graduated with a Masters of Education degree from The University of Toronto in 1977. For 28 years, Patrick served as the Language Arts/Literacy Consultant coordinating literacy programs for 59 elementary and secondary schools. Being in curriculum for such an extended period offered him the opportunity to contribute to numerous Ontario Ministry of Education documents and projects. At the EQAO, he was given the opportunity to select Provincial Anchor Papers, train and manage markers and in-service principals and teachers across Ontario. He enjoyed leadership roles in numerous professional organizations including being President of the English Coordinators and Consultants of Ontario (ECCO) now known as ELAN, as well as a student books, resources for teachers, resources for teachers in Ontario, education books, ontario students, osslt workbook, core curriculum student booksprovincial conference chair for The Ontario Council for the Teaching of English. Authoring educational textbooks was his passion; having written over 100 titles  between the years 1983-2000, many with David Booth, for companies such as Nelson, Gage and Global Modern Curriculum Press (now owned by Pearson), American publisher Modern Curriculum Press, and his own Tree House Press. After retiring from his school board it seemed natural to continue his publishing career on a full-time basis as CEO, publisher, and president of Tree House Press Inc. Patrick is also a Tree House Press author. In total he has sold over 2.5 million copies of his publications.


How long were you a teacher for?

Taught for 8 years and was the Board's Literacy Co-ordinator for 27 years.



What grade did you teach?

For most of my career I worked with the 12 00 teachers and principals in my school board, coordinating the literacy and English programs but I started out teaching grades 5-8 and later courses at teacher’s college at Brock University.



What was your greatest accomplishment as an educator?

Receiving the provincial professional development award from my teachers association in recognition of my work with teachers locally and across the province of Ontario.



What is unique about the Ontario curriculum that makes these student books great for both the United States and Canada?

Ontario is a leader in North American curriculum with test scores to prove it. Tree House Press books comprehensively implement that program.

 student books, resources for teachers, resources for teachers in Ontario, education books, ontario students, osslt workbook, core curriculum student books


How did you get the knowledge on all the school grades included?

Working directly with teachers by grade, one on one, or in small groups on their grade specific curriculum gave me the insights into their strengths and challenges in the classroom. My close association with coordinators and teachers across the province, along with my work at the Ministry of Education and EQAO gave me a broader view what was needed for kids to succeed.



What inspired you to create these student books?

My belief that teachers should focus their energy and expertise on teaching students not spending inordinate amounts of time creating their own lessons.



What was the biggest challenge you came across when creating these books?

Starting my publishing company alone out of my garage, with none of the professional help generally available to publishers.



What do you believe to be the best thing about Tree House Press?

Our unique line of personal student books that are integrated, curriculum-aligned, and that use systematic, layered teaching plans.



If there was only one book you could recommend, what would it be and why?

Our bestselling book The OSSLT Workbook has sold 317 000 copies to date – that’s 317 000 Ontario grade 10 students who were able to meet the challenge of the Ontario Secondary School Test more confidently and better prepared for success.



What do you think the most important quality is that every educator should have?

Compassion, empathy, and genuine concern for each student.



What do you believe your Tree House Press books offer that sets them apart from the others available online?

Tree House Press personal student books are engaging, integrated, curriculum-appropriate, following carefully developed teaching plans – not the bland skill-drill-kill workbooks that offer minimal learning opportunities for students and that are not aligned well with any curriculum.


Shop Patrick Lashmar's education books today on Tree House Press.

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