Teach The Writing Process In The Classroom On A Budget

Accurately teach and demystify the writing process for your students for less than a cup of coffee.

Students who use Writing Portfolios in the classroom become proficient at every stage of the writing process and develop into proud, accomplished writers.

For many students, the writing process is a strange and cryptic formula they don’t understand. For teachers, under ever tighter budgets and time constraints, there simply isn't enough money to purchase entire classroom sets of textbooks or time to scour the Internet for curriculum-appropriate worksheets. It does NOT have be this way for students or for teachers. Writing Portfolios are professionally designed and written by competent authors familiar with the curriculum. Writing Portfolios “demystify” and accurately teach every stage of the writing process; which helps to develop confident writers - all for less than $2 per student!

"Teach the entire writing process for less than $2 per student!" Tweet: Teach the entire writing process for less than $2 per student! http://ctt.ec/8c6R6+ via @treehousepress

Writing Portfolios are three-pocket student organizers with easy to understand, step-by-step writing process instructions.

Every stage of the writing process is taught: the planning and drafting stage, the revising, editing, and proofreading stage, and the publishing and reflecting stage. The first pocket in the portfolio holds all of the student's planning and drafting work. The second pocket is intended to hold revised and edited work. The last pocket contains the final draft and encourages students to publish and reflect on their work. At every stage, students are prompted with checklists and ideas to improve their writing. The back panels of the Writing Portfolios provide writing topic ideas and powerful motivators plus a handy student writing record that is useful at parent-teacher interviews. Use Writing Portfolios in your classroom to develop motivated, confident, and proud writers.

If you are considering using Writing Portfolios in your classroom, I highly recommend reading more about them via the grade specific links below.

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Writing Portfolio for High School

June 10, 2014 by David Lashmar
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