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Techniques for Answering Multiple-choice Questions

By Patrick Lashmar October 19, 2015 |

Students need many opportunities to respond to text using an appropriate balance of multiple-choice, short answer, and longer answer questions. For multiple-choice responses, students should attempt to answer all the questions for each text. Some questions may require answers that can be repeated directly from the text, while others may...

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Elements of Graphic Design

By Patrick Lashmar October 12, 2015 |

Reading nonfiction texts frequently requires students to take graphic elements into account, because graphic design is an inherent part of much non-fiction writing today. Magazines, newspapers, web pages and even textbooks follow this pattern. Graphic design combines both form and content to create a whole which is more than the sum of...

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What's in a word?

By Patrick Lashmar October 05, 2015 |

Building word sense is a lifelong process. Words are like pieces of a puzzle: they carry traces of the past, and are touchstones for the future. We need to know how each piece fits into the puzzle of the English language. As you read this introduction, some words in our...

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Exemplary Spelling Strategies for Every Classroom

By Patrick Lashmar September 28, 2015 |

Teachers need to build a large collection of strategies to teach spelling that are rich, practical and that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Below are some that have stood the test of time.Exemplary spelling strategies to use: Exaggerate pronunciation; say word as spelled. (e.g., Wed-nes-day, k-now)...

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Powerful Words for Student Success

By Patrick Lashmar September 21, 2015 |

Never underestimate the power of words. Sticks and stones will break your bones and yes, words can hurt students a great deal. But a teacher’s use of the right words at the right time can be powerful affirming self esteem boosters that can advance learning and self-esteem enormously. Use encouraging...

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Possible Questions for Reading Conferences

By Patrick Lashmar September 14, 2015 |

Reading conferences provide a window into a student's reading processes, strategies, interests and habits. They also provide the teacher with opportunities to witness a student strengths and where improvement is needed. Reading conferences can be brief or in-depth, they can be formal or informal. The key to successful reading conferences...

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Struggling Readers

By Patrick Lashmar September 08, 2015 |

For up to 40% of students learning to read is a challenge. Fortunately, with early identification and intervention most students overcome their reading difficulties. But time is of the essence. The older the student, the more difficult it is to overcome these challenges. Early identification of reading problems is crucial....

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Using a Rich Variety of Engaging Reading Strategies

By Patrick Lashmar August 31, 2015 |

An article from Jack Booth and Patrick Lashmar... Reading teachers need to maintain and dig into a large tool box of reading strategies that are rich and engaging to meet the wide spectrum of needs when teaching reading. Below are some to consider using in your classroom. Encouraging Text Talk We...

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Deepening and Extending Reading Comprehension – A Balanced Approach

By Patrick Lashmar August 25, 2015 |

Too frequently in the past, students spent far too much time completing comprehension activities than they spent on reading. More recently, the reverse is sometimes the case with ample time for reading but little or no time for guided reading comprehension. We should use an appropriate balance of the two....

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Writing Portfolios

By Patrick Lashmar May 28, 2015 |

The three-pocket writing portfolio has been developed to help students become proficient users of the writing process. It is a concrete representation of the procedure. It offers a framework within which students can work through the various stages in the process.The three-pocket writing portfolio becomes a comprehensive record of a...

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Written Comments

By Patrick Lashmar May 14, 2015 |

The teacher’s written comments on students’ writing can bring about very positive and constructive results. Since students place a great deal of weight on the teacher’s responses, the written comment should be brief, clear, and they should be phrased to encourage further development.Comments should deal with specific aspects of writing...

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The Writing Conference

By Patrick Lashmar May 12, 2015 |

The writing conference is a face-to-face discussion about writing that allows the writer to get immediate response and feedback. The conference allows the teacher to individualize the writing development of each student. During the conference, the teacher does a great deal of listening. His or her main role is to...

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